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About Government as a Platform

This blog is about our work with departments and agencies to build common components that can be shared and reused to make it easy for service teams across government to design, assemble and build services.

We explain in detail what we’re building, the user research and data that underpins our approach, the insights we learn, who we’re working with, and how.

We’ll update you as we build components, and we’ll tell you about our next steps as we scale up.

You can expect to read posts by anyone in the delivery teams including product owners, delivery managers, technical architects and guest posts from our partners.

We’ve been blogging about Government as a Platform since March 2015. Posts published between March 2015 and December 2015 are on the GDS blog.

Our Service Toolkit offers all you need to design, build and run services that meet government standards. Find out more about the platforms we've already built:

  • GOV.UK is a platform for publishing – used by hundreds of government departments and agencies
  • GOV.UK Verify is a platform for identity – a new way for citizens to prove who they are when they use government services
  • GOV.UK Notify is a platform for messaging - to help service teams keep users updated with emails, texts and letters.
  • GOV.UK Platform as a Service is a platform for hosting - so service teams can focus on building their service, not managing infrastructure.
  • GOV.UK Pay is a platform for payments - a simple, secure way for people to pay for government services online.
  • GOV.UK Registers are canonical sources of data - authoritative datasets services can rely on.

We're also interested to hear any questions the wider community may have about our components and service patterns. So if you have a question please use the comment functionality on this blog or ask us on Twitter, and we'll do our best to respond in future posts.

To find out what we’re currently working on, explore the categories here on the blog – you can find them in the drop down menu on the right. Don’t forget to sign up for email alerts.

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