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GOV.UK Platform as a Service

We’re building GOV.UK Government Platform as a Service (PaaS) to host a range of services so teams across government don’t have to build their own hosting stack. This will make it easier and cheaper for teams across government to host applications, services and platforms.

Helping health services with Government as a Platform

Graphic of website with two icons on - one is a cross and one is a heart

The health sector is starting to use GaaP products. Arms length bodies and NHS hospitals and trusts are among the early adopters. In this blog post we’ll look at the benefits our products are bringing to the health sector.

How the Disclosure and Barring Service use GaaP products for service transformation

Graphic depicting how GaaP components can be plugged into a service. It includes icons for the different GaaP components: Verify, GOV.UK Pay, GOV.UK Notify and Platform as a Service

Lisa Keenaghan is the Digital Service Manager at the Disclosure and Barring Service. In this post she talks about how using the Government as a Platform (GaaP) product suite has helped to transform the DBS service.

From theory to practice: Government as a Platform 3 years on and 200 services later

Infographic detailing facts and figures about Government as a Platform in March 2018: 35 million messages sent with GOV.UK Notify, 19 services hosted on Platform as a Service, 34 data registers, 900,000 payments made through GOV.UK Pay worth more than £40 million, and more than 200 services using Government as a a Platform's common components

One year on from the launch of the Government Transformation Strategy, Ash Stephens introduces a week of stories from teams across government showcasing the benefits and maturity of common components.

What we're working on in Government as a Platform

The government as a platform team stand up and discuss team matters in front of a sign that reads 'government as a platform'

As more and more services begin to adopt our Government as a Platform components, we’ve decided to post regular updates on our progress building them. This is a list of what we’ve done so far in 2017. We’ll iterate the format of these updates to make them as useful as we can.